Veterinary Services

Here you will find information related with the services that Nuugi offers to your pet.

• Check-Up

Checkup packages that includes several studies that allow us to realize the health of the pet.

• General and specialized consultations:

Doctors specialized in small animals dedicated to a different specialties like ophthalmology, acupuncture, cardiology, dentistry, unconventional species, ultrasound, dermatology, orthopedics, imaging, etc.

• Clinical Laboratory

Hematic biometrics, blood chemistry, electrolytes and urinalysis equipment.

• Ultrasound

Pregnancy diagnosis, abdominal ultrasound, thyroid, eye and heart.

X Ray equipment

Portable and digital, to detect any anomaly.

• Surgery

Sterilization (castration and ovariohisterectomías), surgery, and specialized surgery (performed by different specialists of Nuugi).

• Anesthesia

We fixed and inhaled anesthesia administered with responsibility and care by our specialists.

• Hospitalization

Cages, medicines and first materials for patients, care rooms, ICU (intensive care unit) and recovery.

EMERGENCY Phone 1664-6210

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